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"New Phantasmagoria-Slide Show of a New Era" / Juy.13 - Juy.16, 2017 @ Kyoto Art Center, Kyoto, Japan

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"Musing in the Land of Smiles (Encore)" / Juy.30 - Aug.5, 2015 @ Osaka Nikon Salon, Osaka, Japan

: Exhibition Information!!
"Musing in the Land of Smiles" / May.19-25, 2015 @ Shinjuku Nikon Salon, Tokyo, Japan


The city, it’s a huge creation that continues to evolve.
I’m traveling around Asian cities based in Japan in order to archive the state of such the city.

The important theme of my project is two perspectives.
One is to leave in a picture of cities that are becoming standardized due to globalization and technology, and the lives and cultures of people who are diversifying due to the influence of climate.

The other is to focus on the creativity of human who are creating such an ever-evolving city.
Through photographic moments that the traces of the city and involving a variety of cultural experiences, I’m exploring the city envisioned by people, the radical urban image "Nameless city" that echoed like a basso continuo in people’s unconsciousness.

A human culture that repeats standardization and diversification In the flow of the times. Unprecedented catastrophes, global pandemics, ever-changing earth’s environment and people trying to deal with it. Where are humanity going from now on ? Now, my interest is it.





Ryoji Yamauchi / 山内亮二
August 11, 2022



Ryoji Yamauchi | Photographer

Born in 1986, Gifu, Japan. Based in Aichi, Japan.


2011  MA in Media and Design / Nagoya University of Arts and Sciences

2009  BA in Visual Media / Nagoya University of Arts and Sciences

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2015  Musing in the Land of Smiles / Shinjuku & Osaka Nikon Salon (Tokyo & Osaka, JP)

2013  Quiet River, Seoul / Konica Minolta Plaza (Tokyo, JP)

2011  Ultra Nagoya / Yebisu Art Labo Gallery (Nagoya, JP)

Selected Group Exhibitions

2017  New Phantasmagoria-Slide Show of a New Era / Kyoto Art Center (Kyoto, JP)

2014  Slide & Talk Show "INDEPENDENT LIGHT Vol.6 NAGOYA-AICHI" / c7c (Nagoya, JP)

2011  Outer's Void -Beyond now and here- / Nagoya City Archives (Nagoya, JP)

2011  Cityscapes -In between the visible and invisible- / Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art, Gallery (Nagoya, JP)

2011  Aura -why am i the only one in the world?- / Yebisu Art Labo Gallery (Nagoya, JP)

2009  Nagakute Art Festival 2009 / Yane Institute of Technology (Nagakute, JP)

Selected Awards and Grants

2015  Nikon Salon Juna 21

2013  Konica Minolta "FOTOPREMIO 2013" / Prize Winner

山内亮二 | 写真作家



2011  名古屋学芸大学大学院メディア造形研究科修士課程修了(メディア造形)

2009  名古屋学芸大学メディア造形学部映像メディア学科卒業(映像メディア)

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2015  Musing in the Land of Smiles / 新宿・大阪ニコンサロン

2013  Quiet River, Seoul / コニカミノルタプラザ

2011  ウルトラナゴヤ / エビスアートラボギャラリー

Selected Group Exhibitions

2017  ニュー・ファンタスマゴリア-スライドショーの新世紀 / 京都芸術センター

2014  Slide & Talk Show "INDEPENDENT LIGHT Vol.6 NAGOYA-AICHI" / c7c

2011  Outer's Void -空所から、いま・ここの彼方へ- / 名古屋市市政資料館

2011  都市のまなざし -可視と不可視のあいだ- / 愛知県立美術館ギャラリー

2011  Aura -なぜ世界に私はひとりしかいないのか- / エビスアートラボギャラリー

2009  長久手アートフェスティバル2009 / 屋根技術研究所

Selected Awards and Grants

2015  ニコンサロン Juna 21

2013  コニカミノルタ フォト・プレミオ 2013 / 入賞

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